Table of Contents A Missouri Family in the Civil War.

Table of Contents

Confederate Side

Union Side

April 1861 The Smiths join the Missouri State Guard
Confederate Uniforms and Equipment
March 1862 The Battle of Elkhorn Tavern
May 1862 The Siege of Corinth, Mississippi
Summer 1862 Northern MississippiAugust 1862 Bing joins the Union Army
Federal Uniforms and Equipment
December 1862 Bloodbath at Chickasaw Bluffs
Spring 1863 Grenada, Mississippi and Lake St. Joseph, LouisianaSpring 1863 Grant's "Bayou Experiments" around Vicksburg
April 2 - 14, 1863 Expedition with Sherman to Greenville, Miss.
  • April 29 Battle of Grand Gulf
  • May 1 Battle of Port Gibson
  • May 16 Battle of Champion's Hill
  • May 17 Battle of Big Black River Bridge
    Anderson Best Smith and Thomas Hart Benton Smith captured.
April 15 - May 19, 1863 Crossing the Mississippi River and capturing Jackson, Mississippi
May 17, 1863 - January 1864
A.B. Smith and T.H.B. Smith in prison at Point Lookout, Maryland
May 19 - July 4, 1863
The Siege of Vicksburg
June 30 Issac Vincent Smith seriously wounded.
May 19 - July 4, 1863 Seige of Vicksburg
July 1863 - April 1865
Issac Smith's recovery.
On to Chattanooga
Shipyard at Bridgeport, Alabama
October 1864 Furlough to take wife and daughter to safety.
Bing joins the Navy
Muster rolls and ordersMuster rolls, orders and pension documents